Thursday, October 29, 2009

Health: Sacrificing the short-term for longterm

I know people who add extra salt to their daily bucket of KFC and deep-fried mozarrella sticks. They prefer filtering Guangzhou's smoggy air through a cigarette. They unwind after work with a pitcher of beer and a few shots. They never work out. They're like walking trash cans. Yet, they don't seem to get sick as often as I do.

I live on a diet loaded with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I eat fatty meats only when I have to be polite at Chinese banquets. I only drink on the weekends - perhaps a bottle or two of Belgium beer. I keep a close eye on my weight, and I'm generally where I want to be on the scale, though it would be great to lose one more kilo.

But I'm constantly breaking down my body and battering my immune system on the bike. Long rides in the damp cold and dehydrating heat. Groggy morning workouts when my body would have been happier to stay in bed an extra hour. Breakfasts that are rushed and fail to completely refuel a body that needs to quickly shower, be dressed and be out the door for work.

I think in the short-term, the trash-can people may be healthier (though I always wonder how they really feel day to day). But I guess my consolation will be that in the long run, they'll be the ones who break down, and they'll do it spectacularly.

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