Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gear: The news is boring, the bikes are cool

Chinese newspapers are generally boring. But their bikes are cool.

Most of the papers have a fleet of their own customized delivery bikes. They're painted in the company's colors, and the publication's name is often on the frame's top and down tubes. Matching panniers are a must.

Here's a delivery bike for Guangzhou's most popular paper, the Southern Metropolis Daily:

This bike belongs to an entertainment tabloid. The delivery guy parked it outside a greasy noodle joint at lunchtime.

I love the rain cover on the seat below: a plastic bag. The Chinese rarely do any kind of maintenance on their rigs. They just ride them into the ground, then buy a new one. They let the dirt, rust and grime build up all over the bike. Doesn't matter as long as it still rides.

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